Oim PRoduction

Let OIM see your project from start to finish.
- Project development/brainstorming sessions
- Development of an existing idea into a full fledged professional project. 
- Arranging and/or Transcription - Lead Sheets, Rhythm Charts, Horn Sections, Big Bands, String Sections, - Background Vocals, etc.
- Contract musicians, the studio, an engineer, a producer, video team, production team, etc.
- Create a plan and schedule to optimize recording time, etc
- Create and stick to a project budget
- Help coordinating the release of your project: printing, distribution, etc
- Hire booking agencies, publicists, radio play publicists, 
- Write Press Releases. 
- Send out press releases to local press. 
- Crowd-sourcing
- Kickstarter Video Consultations


Invest in your career with purpose, and spend more efficiently! Let our staff take your songs to the next level by adding the additional touches that put “the icing on the cake”. Our staff writers will work with you to add horn sections, strings, and edit/add harmony to your tunes. You’ll have a face to face (or Skype if outside of NYC) meeting with the arranger to talk about what you’re looking for, and a consultation afterward.

Our conservatory-trained musicians/arrangers will work with you to decide what the most effective way to bring your songs to life is. Create drama by adding strings, excitement with a horn section, or find the perfect synthesizers to compliment the tune. You’ll receive digital (.PDF) and hard copies of the charts for live use, by professional copyists. We guarantee a clear, well laid out chart. OIM can help you put together a reading session of the charts and eventually lead to a recording. With access to the city’s best up-and coming musicians, you’ll be able to connect with the next generation of the industries top players. Pricing begins at $50/part, please contact us for an individual consultation.