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Why work with OiM?


Let's create Evergreen Branded Content for Your Company!

Outside in Experience Concert Series

The Outside in Experience is bringing the classic concert presentation started by Norman Granz and his "Jazz at the Philharmonic" series. Mr. Granz brought jazz to the masses where the liked to listen to music - the concert hall. Today, our audience is eagerly waiting for us on the internet

Branded Artist Content

Artist content can promote your product or service via organic reach across the demographics of not only the bandleader, but all of the band members as well. Creating digital assets last forever, unlike printed media that comes and goes with the week or the month!

Outside in Music Placements Include Platforms:

Online Video Outlets: YouTube, Facebook Video, Instagram Posts and Stories

Online Retailers: Amazon.com, Spotify, Apple Music

Label, Band, and Artist Social Media (Insta, FB, YT, Twitter, etc).

Artists and fans will be promoting YOUR content!

Investing in the arts and culture will position your brand as a thought leader in your industry. You are giving back to the people and experiences that use your product. People will associate you with music, culture, and the arts. 

Brands we work with:

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Who are we reaching?

The demographics that OiM content appeals to will be highly motivated to interact with any brand. For jazz fans, they appreciate the fact that a company is supporting a way of life, a music that is the essence of American culture. Jazz music blends the influences of all genre’s and presents itself as an artists unique vision. Jazz fans are passionate collectors of artist discography, often enjoy luxury style brands, and are motivated to support organizations and companies who support the music that they love. 

College Jazz students are looking to someone like our artists to show them the way into the future. They want to know how to make a career in music, but it goes beyond only talking about “career”. The life of a musician is all encompassing. Your music is your life, and your career is your music, your life and career are tied almost seamlessly together. They will be extremely receptive to suggestions about tools, products, and services that can help them to achieve their goals from a trusted mentor in their niche, like our artists. 

High School aged  jazz students in our niche tend to have similar behaviors to that of the college students, wanting to know how one can make a life in music, and are similarly receptive to receiving suggestions about tools, services, and products. However these students view people like myself in even higher authority because we embody the mythical “jazz artist” archetype. They will certainly take suggestions from me, you brand will be well remembered by them.

To music educators, touring & professional musicians represent an ideal for their students to aspire to. They are also passionate to support brands that support the music.


Any brand that supports jazz music will be a beacon for all of the members of the community. It will be respected and seen as a positive contributor to our countries’ culture.