Outside in Management

Welcome to the newest division of Outside in Music, our management division! With our team approach to management we can help you to take your career from wherever you are, to the next level. Some of what we do is below, but to get a full consultation, please get in touch. 

Things OiM Management Team will help you with

  • Handling any correspondence traffic you want to send to your management  (the old “you’ll have to talk to my manager about that” out will be yours! haha)

  • Coordinating schedule and availability for projects, tours, rehearsals, etc.

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Handling disputes with venues, contracts, etc

  • Seeking new performance and funding opportunities

  • Budget Strategy and Execution

  • An extra set of hands to help you with projects, online content, coordinating street teams, artist development.

  • Connecting you to members of the industry who can further build your team to support your career.

  • Seeking agents, publicists, labels, etc.

  • Developing online business strategies

  • Helping you to view your artistry from a business vantage point.

  • Helping hold you accountable to projects and deadlines.

  • Outlining and developing strategies to get you from Point A to B to C

  • Online ad campaigns

  • To have someone in your corner to help you navigate this crazy business.

  • Decipher the ideas and thoughts you haven’t been able to articulate yet

  • Declutter your life, and let us help you to get more organized, earn more, play the gigs you want to be playing, and reach the potential you know you and your projects deserve.


our Current roster:

Roxy Coss

Roxy Coss

Saxophonist, Composer, Educator, WIJO Founder


Alphonso Horne

Trumpeter, Composer, Bandleader


The Ladybugs

Dreamy Latin Cowgirl Jazz

ft. Martina DaSilva and Vanessa Parea


Nick Finzer

Trombonist, Composer, Educator, CEO Outside in Music, Asst Professor of Jazz Trombone at University of North Texas