Thanks so much for your interest in Next Level, we’re excited to hear your music! 

So here’s how we work. Essentially there are two main releasing options, digital only or a full physical/digital release with CDs and press campaign. However we’ve tried to set up some of these services as a la carte, so that we can customize a solution for every artist. 

Instead of charging up front, or inflating the costs of printing CDs like most labels do, we’re aiming to be transparent and give artists the flexibility to fund their projects without huge up front costs. We have three solutions here. You’re welcome to bring in your own vendors for any part of the process at your own cost, have us do it for you in-house (we’ll charge a fixed rate that will come out of the royalties post-release), for those needing funds for production costs we have access to outside financing resources. 

Ideally, you’d deliver us a finished master, but we can also work with you to get it mixed/mastered with our preferred vendors at market price. 


So why be on Next Level?

  • Access to our industry resources

  • Access to customized press releases, one sheets and marketing plan.

  • Email blasts to industry contacts

  • Be a part of a growing community

  • In an economy of unlimited supply, curation is the name of the game.

  • Access to outside financing tools

  • Be a part of label only events

  • Discounts on artist services like press and radio campaigns

  • We want to customize each release to fit your vision!

  • Space for you to be featured on OIM/NL podcasts and YouTube videos

  • Ongoing promotion of tours, gigs, online content on OiM/NL channels

  • Option to defer payment for services out of Royalties

  • Digital Distribution (all digital outlets, including pitching to playlists on Spotify and Apple Music)

  • Physical Distribution

  • International Distribution

  • ISRC Codes

  • UPC Barcode (if applicable)


Questions? Thoughts? Want to send us music to consider? 

Send us an email to with subject line “Next Level submission” or just fill out the form below. Either way, we can’t wait to hear from you!

Nick Finzer and the OiM/NL team

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