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The OiM Vision


We strive to have a straightforward and helpful deal for all of our artists. It’s a tricky time to be releasing music, and we’re aiming to build a community of artists who are passionate about sharing their music with the world. 

We believe that releasing music is not just about one album, but many! And that an album is just one piece on an artist's trajectory. It is only one piece of the puzzle. 


So here's the Deal:


We are set up to assist an artist from inception to completion on their project. OiM has preferred vendors that help to minimize cost and maximize value for every project. Releasing music is not cheap, and requires long-term investment on the artists part to be successful.  

OiM Coordinates:

  1. Production Assistance

  2. Mixing/Mastering

  3. Artwork/Design/Layout

  4. Printing

  5. Publicity

  6. Radio Promotion

  7. Distribution

  8. Additional Content and Marketing Assistance


You are welcome to submit your music no matter where you are in the process and we can pick it up from there.


The basics of the deal:

  1. Artist provides OiM with a completed Master

  2. Artist retains 100% of ownership of the Master and 100% of the publishing of their compositions

  3. Artist Agrees to provide a CD Launch event in NYC within 60 days of release

  4. Artist Agrees to commit to Promotion and Publicity plan.

  5. OiM provides preferred vendor access

  6. OiM provides individualized attention and assistance with your project

  7. Artwork/Design/Layout/Photography/Videography can all be done in house

  8. Access to OiM Booking Resources

  9. OiM retains 20% of sales through distribution (Amazon, Physical Stores, iTunes, OiM Store, etc)

  10. Artist retains 100% of sales at all other points of sale.


Drop a line with a link to your music (doesn’t have to be the proposed project) and we’ll be in touch: info [at] outsideinmusic.com


Can’t wait to hear from you.


    -   the OiM team