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Dave Tedeschi | Tov
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Dave Tedeschi's Tov was recorded in a single day at Stone Studio in Salisbury, CT. It is the culmination of years of friendship and countless hours spent listening to music that doesn't normally have drums as part of the ensemble. Dave has always been drawn to bluegrass, spirituals and delta blues and it took the encouragement and vision of Tom Larsen and the support of Rachel Hall, Spencer Murphy, Todd Caldwell, Wayne Tucker and Graham Stone to make this collection of songs a reality.

Tov is a Hebrew word that means "good", but the actual meaning is much richer then that. As author Rob Bell explains, "Tov is sweaty and dirty and dark and light and death and birth and sexy and it's food and it's friends. It embraces. Tov is of the earth. Tov isn't interested in nice neat right angles. Tov isn't interested in everything being spotless and shining and polished and glossed. Tov is about life and all it's bristling authenticity."