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Outside in Artist Services

Social Media Management

OiM Social Media Management provides strategy and execution of your social media accounts in order to grow your audience, cultivate passionate and engaged fans, and ultimately to monetize your brand via partnerships and performances! Packages start at 4 postings per week across all platforms.

Social Media Consulting

If you aren’t into the idea of having us create and post on your behalf, we offer artists ongoing support for their social media activities (Facebook, Instagram, Advertising, Twitter, Youtube). We can help walk you through the day to day, create a schedule, suggest hashtags and strategies to grow your fan base, and you can do the execution. Great for artist who want to learn these skills on their own.

Admin assistants

Everyone needs a little bit of help to get their careers off the ground. Anyone who is considering this, is the type of person who has reached a maximum workload, and needs to offload some of their day-to-day activities to free up their time to do creative work. Rather than find a virtual assistant that has no connection to the nuanced world of artists and musicians, OiM has artist centric assistants that can help you reach your goals, faster. Rates start at $20/hr, pay only for what you use, billed monthly. Click the button to start.


Outside in Music provides support services to musicians at any point in their career; in Contracting, Scheduling, Career Development, Brand Development and Maintenance, and Production. Allow OIM to take the organizational load off of your back, so you can concentrate on the music. Gain access to the top individuals in their respective fields, at your price point.

Please feel free to contact us for an individual consultation to determine if our services are the right choice for you at info@outsideinmusic.com



Career Development

Individual Consultations
Set career goals with guidance
Ask the hard questions
DIY consultations - what can you do on your own? When should you hire help?
Budget Creation
Perception vs. Reality
Meeting Expectations
Creating/Executing Contracts


Brand Development/Maintenance

Develop your musical brand/identity with guidance
Have OIM Setup a Website, Facebook Artist Page, Twitter Acct
Maintain online presence with Tweets, FB Updates, and Website Calendar Updates




We’ll find you the best: 

  • Instrumentalists

  • Vocalists

  • Composers/Arrangers

  • Mixing/Mastering Engineers

  • Photographers

  • Videographers

  • Graphic Designers

  • Web Designers

  • SEO Experts

  • Social Media Marketers

  • Tour Managers

  • Booking Agents

  • Street Teamers

  • Scheduling

Instead of spending your precious time booking musicians, studios, rehearsal spaces, finding photographers, videographers, scouring the internet for potential gigs, etc, you could be devoting that time to writing and making music.

In town gig itineraries and reminder emails to musicians
FB Events, Reminder Emails, Tweets, to remind people of your performances
Tour Calendars, Schedule Maintenance, etc
Itineraries for tours, and out of town dates.
Research/Book travel for each musician

Oim PRoduction

Let OIM see your project from start to finish.
- Project development/brainstorming sessions
- Development of an existing idea into a full fledged professional project. 
- Arranging and/or Transcription - Lead Sheets, Rhythm Charts, Horn Sections, Big Bands, String Sections, - Background Vocals, etc.
- Contract musicians, the studio, an engineer, a producer, video team, production team, etc.
- Create a plan and schedule to optimize recording time, etc
- Create and stick to a project budget
- Help coordinating the release of your project: printing, distribution, etc
- Hire booking agencies, publicists, radio play publicists, 
- Write Press Releases. 
- Send out press releases to local press. 
- Crowd-sourcing
- Kickstarter Video Consultations

Invest in your career with purpose, and spend more efficiently! Let our staff take your songs to the next level by adding the additional touches that put “the icing on the cake”. Our staff writers will work with you to add horn sections, strings, and edit/add harmony to your tunes. You’ll have a face to face (or Skype if outside of NYC) meeting with the arranger to talk about what you’re looking for, and a consultation afterward.

Our conservatory-trained musicians/arrangers will work with you to decide what the most effective way to bring your songs to life is. Create drama by adding strings, excitement with a horn section, or find the perfect synthesizers to compliment the tune. You’ll receive digital (.PDF) and hard copies of the charts for live use, by professional copyists. We guarantee a clear, well laid out chart. OIM can help you put together a reading session of the charts and eventually lead to a recording. With access to the city’s best up-and coming musicians, you’ll be able to connect with the next generation of the industries top players. Pricing begins at $50/part, please contact us for an individual consultation.