New Year - Limited Edition Preorder! Curtis + Garabedian + Sperrazza!

Preorder by April 7th for the Exclusive Limited Edition of “New Year”!


Curtis + Garabedian + Sperrazza!

We present you the album New Year, consisting of improvisations, compositions, sketches, inside jokes, aspirations, dreams, challenges, and possibilities.

Our group came together over two years ago, casually at first, gradually with more serious intent. We set out to challenge ourselves and push past our natural inclinations in the hopes of creating something sublime. Performances at small venues in Brooklyn moved the music forward, a series of recording sessions at a rehearsal studio solidified our approach, and a day at the Bunker produced this album.  

We are Caleb Curtis, alto saxophone, Noah Garabedian, bass, and Vinnie Sperrazza drums. We have written all our own music and exist as a co-operative musical group. The fundamental element of our music is improvisation, and our ultimate goal is to connect with our audience.

Included with our first album deluxe pre-order package are three ‘non-musical’ items:

  1. a liner-note essay about our music by Caleb Curtis

  2. a short story about the daily life of a working musician by Vinnie Sperrazza

  3. a recipe from Noah Garabedian. 

  4. digital download of the album!

We sincerely hope you enjoy our music. Keep us on your radar…we’ve only just begun….