Cowboys & Frenchmen | Rodeo

Cowboys & Frenchmen make their recording debut with their 2015 release Rodeo on Outside In Music. Inspired by the world in which we live, this vivacious youthful ensemble strives to reflect the breadth of twenty-first century music through their six original compositions and share their unique musical voice on two arrangements.

The music represents the composers' individual experiences from around the world; from the rolling countryside of Germany (King Barry), American Cinema (Man of Constant Sorrow), Buddhist practice (Bells of Mindfulness), to the cultural vibrancy of New York City (Jazz Styles) and the beauty found in mystery (Because). "This is my kind of album. It is innovative as well as inspiring. Eclectic and emotional. The artistry of the quintet is exemplary."  Travis Rogers, Jr., Jazz Times

"Cowboys & Frenchmen have compiled an innovative album that has all the musicality and originality that any quintet on the scene today would respect and appreciate. Five big stars." -Geannine Reid, All About Jazz

"What Cowboys & Frenchmen has done is present jazz that is fresh and defies easy categorizing and offers rewarding listening; a rare combo these days." Robert D. Rusch, Cadence Magazine

"The music of this recording is about as quixotic and unique as the film by director David Lynch wich inspired the band’s name. Rodeo, the fantastic debut outgoing of this unit is certainly as free-ranging as one of Lynch’s films, but with a solid dose of musical virtuosity." Glenn Daniels, The Jazz Page

"The possibilities according to this truly inventive group are limitless, especially when the music is imbued with intensity and imagination. This is music that is triumphantly modern, as these five young musicians demonstrate." -Raul da Gama, DaGama Jazz

“Cowboys & Frenchmen’s new release Rodeo takes the listener on a joy ride! The music is simultaneously playful, soulful, beautiful, cinematic, searching... often touched with a sense of ‘Americana’. The compositions are uniquely personal.”  Jay Anderson, jazz bassist