Roxy Coss | All or Nothing At All -Single Release

“All or Nothing At All” Single Blurb:

This Great American Songbook composition from Altman and Lawrence has been recorded and made famous by countless Jazz musicians, including Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Mark Turner, and Diana Krall; but it’s John Coltrane’s version that inspired Coss to write an arrangement for her quintet, utilizing the full capabilities of their instrumentation by inserting multiple countermelodies, harmonies, and written rhythmic hits. The Quintet has a chance here to stretch and improvise over the vehicle of a jazz standard, which is unusual for the band, and allows freedom in different ways by focusing more on the solos and interaction rather than the execution of the composition. You can hear the band playfully open up with joy, embodying the concept of “All or Nothing At All,” working together to serve a greater purpose.

roxy coss all or nothing at all single (1).png